School Trays

Whatever your criteria and budget in choosing a cafeteria tray, we have you covered. Available in Melamine, ABS and Polypropylene – all dishwasher safe.
When you are in a budget crunch, Polypropylene trays will work wonders for you. Economical, but extremely durable and dishwasher safe with color choices of Tan (T) and White (W). Products TL-153 and TR-153.
ABS trays are a great choice when your budget is tight and you need a dependable tray. Very durable and stain and scratch resistant. Temperature ranges up to 180F. A very good investment for any school cafeteria or correctional facility. Choice of colors are: Tan (T), Tropical Yellow (TY), Peacock Blue (PB), Rainforest Green (FG), Rio Orange (RO) and White (W). Products TL-152 and TR-152.
Melamine trays are very durable and are scratch and stain-resistant. Dishwasher safe, meets NSF standard 36 for dinnerware. Temperature range up to 200F. Choice of many colors: Black (BK), Bright Yellow (BY), French Blue (FB), Green (G), Hunter Green (HG), Mauve (MAV), Navy Blue (NB), Red (R ), Sandstone (S), Tan (T), White (W), and Yellow (Y). Products TL-151 and TR-151.