Dressing Bottles

No more mess! our innovative salad dressing bottles, clips and lids replace those messy ladles drizzling one dressing into another and trailing all over the buffet and onto the floor. Our clips identify the dressing and come already labeled with the most popular dressing names and blank ones for your own unique creations. Our storable bottles save you time cleaning your salad bar and they cozy into a 4-compartment rack that sits well in the cold case. Many packaged sets available, we offer: set of 2-bottle (8 lids) pack, set of 6-bottles (24 lids) pack, or set of 4 bottles, 4 blank clips and 16 lids with the rack. Each bottle comes with 4 lids: large pour, small pour, juice pour and a storage lid. 2 racks fit a standard 12" x 20" cut-out. Our salad dressing bottles are made of shatter-proof polycarbonate material and are dishwasher safe.