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Pepper Mills

Malabar Black Pepper. Originating from the Malabar coast of India. Malabar pepper is characterized by a pungent aroma and heart flavor.

Tellicherry Black Pepper. Considered the world’s finest black pepper. Tellicherry comes from the northwestern Malabar coast. Large, handsome peppercorns have an especially robust aroma.

Muntok White Pepper. The European favorite for use in white sauces, these peppercorns are soaked in water and sun-dried. Muntok White peppercorns has a mild flavor and aroma.

Sea Salt Crystals. Sea Salt is produced by sun and wind evaporation water from the San Francisco Bay. These uniodized crystals have no other processing chemicals.

Disposable Mini Mills. Spice “to go” just got easier. These recyclable bottles have a fully adjustable grinder top. A cap on the Mini Mill helps to prevent spills. When the container is empty, just place it in your recycle bin. Great for picnics or any place where you want to take spice.