Candles and Fuel

American Discount Tableware offers a variety of clean burning liquid DEG chafing fuels. They're biodegradable and non-flammable. Requiring a wick to burn ensures increased safety during use. Consistent flame height and positioning result in cans which are cooler to the touch. A choice of burn times and wick types ensure a steady and strong flame is maintained throughout the use cycle. American Discount Tableware liquid chafing fuels are packaged in recyclable steel cans made of 50% recycled material. Our cartons are completely recyclable and made from recycled materials, creating less waste.

SOFT LIGHT® (**min order 4 cases)
Note A: E-luminates sold by inner packs, each shipped box can hold 8 inner packs. Best to order in multiples of 8.

*Ethenol and Methenal cannot be shipped USP or FedEx.

eLuminate™ Candle Lamp Company, LLC